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“Fair Trade is a movement to improve living and working conditions for producers in developing countries.  A fair wage is paid for their work”


 We at MONDO Trading Company believe that everybody, no matter where you live, deserves the right to make a fair wage.  That’s why we’re committed to making sure that our artisans are treated and paid well and looked after in times of need.

The products in our store are made by artisans from over thirty countries worldwide.
Through our sales and support from our customers, we’ve seen their lives change for the better. 

When you choose to buy a gift that is Fair Trade Certified or made by groups who follow the Fair Trade principles you can be sure that you are making a conscious choice for a better world.

Fair Trade puts people over profit. 

So when you buy a basket or a blanket, or any other item in our store, you’re not only purchasing a beautiful work of art for your home...you’re also making a real difference in someone’s life.

Thank You for Supporting our Mission!


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